Amici Amsterdam Studio Apartment

The privacy of an apartment and the comfort of a hotel

Cook Kai ★★★★★

Cook Kai on the 2de Rozendwarsstraat is more than good Thai, with a happy duck as logo. Tiny, crowded and messy as a Thai is supposed to be.
Cook Kai is indeed a step above the average Thai in Amsterdam. The food is made fresh for you ready on the spot, and the flavors of the curry are completely as it should; sharp contrasts, spicy, and well lighted chili.

Pazzi ★★★★★

For a special pizza shop near home.
The pizza is prepared according to the traditional Italian recipe and ingredients (and the pizza maker!) are exclusively imported and above-average quality.
A real Italian pizza!

Burger Meester ★★★★

If you like the burger but not quality that is served in a fast food. The Burgemeesteer burger is completely handcrafted, often with organic ingredients and is served on crusty bread ciabatta type.
You can also order selection of mini burgers for those who want to enjoy different combinations.
Ideal for those who are travelling with children.
The environment is informal and reminds the ’ 50 interiors of American fast food.
On sunny days you can eat in a small outside terrace.
Also open for lunch.

Foodware ★★★★

A fabulous caterer with very fresh dishes. Each time on height stand in flavour. You can also eat it on the spot. Wyne combination is well chosen. Enthusiastic always friendly hostesses with knowledge of the offer. Super!