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History of the Jordaan

The Jordaan was built at the end of the 17th century as a neighbourhood for workers and immigrants. Strong population growth took place in the coming centuries because of religious persecution in all Europe. At that time the Jordaan was an area occupied by the Flemish, Spanish and Portuguese Jews and French Huguenots. It was a very poor neighbourhood of ramshackle houses full disadvantaged families with many children. The canals were open sewers and there was no tap water.


At the beginning of the twentieth century the population was about eighty thousand inhabitants, now it’s about twenty thousand people. In the seventies, many of the original Jordaan inhabitants moved away to other districts or other regions. Since then many students, artists and small businesses have been located here. Therefore, the neighbourhood has lost its seedy image and is known today for its specialty boutiques, shops and trendy restaurants and cafes.